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When was finally released there last March, the first single made a promising showing on the charts, then fizzled. "That had to be pivotal to the breakup," Le Blanc says. The light in the tunnel is some hope for movement in the U. When that gets dimmer and dimmer, I'd say there would be some discontent.

The band, which had just come off a two-year Canadian tour, only performed a few dates in the U. Particularly if they had problems in the studio." There were plenty of problems with the recording of the band's latest album, Rumours of the band's breakup continued to circulate when the album was released with no tour dates planned.

For us, it just happened at the worst possible time that it could happen." He says he wishes the rest of the band well and adds that he wouldn't rule out the possibility of playing with drummer Ian Browne or bassist Richard Priske again (but probably not Genn).

"All I have to say is, to the people who like our music, thank you for liking it.

If mere physical attraction or some kind of emotive, frilly, this-is-the-one weirdness is driving the speed, then, yes.

More morose and inaccessible than their previous two albums, the CD received mixed reviews.

Even Good said he wasn't thrilled with the end result.

"There's been a lot of pointing of fingers and misinformation," added the 30-year-old singer-songwriter, who says he's been "vilified" in the press for his outspoken criticisms of the Canadian music industry and accused of igniting the split with his hot temper. This won't be the first time Good has reinvented himself, though it will be decidedly more difficult now that he has offended almost everyone in the Canadian music industry with his outbursts and antics, including Universal executives, whom he has repeatedly dissed. C., began his career as an acoustic guitar-strumming folkie when he suddenly decided to drop his folk band and switch to rock during a 1995 national tour. One of Canada's most successful indie releases ever, it sold more than 22,000 copies.

"It was a conscious effort on everybody's part," he said. With its enthusiastic stage presence, crushing guitars and insightful lyrics, the band soon garnered a fanatical following in its hometown and was named a "one to watch" by Billboard magazine.

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