Updating wikipedia

advertisement Wikipedia is where established scientific knowledge has the ability to reach those who need it most.Indeed, it was estimated to be more than 1,500 times more cost effective than traditional ways of spreading information, such as presenting at academic conferences.

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Facebook Community Pages do seem to trump Official Pages in searches on Facebook. It’s free, takes only a few seconds, and has many benefits. If your organization does have a Wikipedia Page, then you may want to edit the content (with caution). The Wikipedia Page for Global Exchange looks to have been edited recently, so I am not going edit that Page.

This increases the reach of the Wikipedia movement by providing more opportunities for people all over the world to access the materials.

Some of the recent initiatives surrounding this project were documented in Wikimedia’s tech blog about a month ago (for more detail regarding the purpose for offline work, see the offline strategy page).

I wanted to keep it short enough to look good on a Facebook Community Page Wikipedia Tab. Hopefully as time goes by Facebook will explain better why they created them in the first place and enhance their usefulness.

BUT International Development Exchange does not have a Community Page. /pages/IDEX/121216267890213 Notice the ability to suggest a relevant Wikipedia Page? All that said and Facebook confusion aside, odds are your nonprofit has a Facebook Community Page.

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