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You then we need to ask yourself who would benefit from the use of so many fake profiles on this dating site?Yes there could be online romance scammers on the site, but it seems like a large majority of the time it's the dating site itself that's involved in the creation of fake dating profiles to make it appear as if the site is full of hot milfs looking to hook up with guys for fun.Unfortunately Milfaholic was a scam and we unfortunately don't think this site will be any different.We did create our profile yesterday and today we are on the site.

Unfortunately every dating service that we have reviewed from these people has turned out to be a scam. This is no coincidence, both sides are owned by the same dating network.

You see in order for you to communicate back to any of these milfs in the photos you do need to upgrade to a paid monthly subscription and this is where the site definitely benefits from having fake profiles on the site.

(profile found on Local Milf is also located on an adult image site) (the exact same photo was found on XXXon, right here) In the terms and conditions the site admits that they do have fictitious persons called "Ambassadors", which is basically a fake person that the web site creates and uses in order to send you fake emails, phony instant messages and fake text messages.

After using an app called Tiny Eye (a reverse image search tool) we were able to identify that many of the dating profile pictures on this site are also located on various amateur adult sites.

One example is below in which the female circled in yellow is also located on an amateur adult site called

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