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So now I found another boyfriend from kzn and I am in free state.I am going to visit him this long weekend so can you please for me so that my relationship last.I also want to buy a town house so I would like you to pray that I should be financially fit and get one.I spent over a year praying earnestly he would like me.So remember that it is OK to express your emotions when they come from a heart that desires to honor God (Philippians 4:8).Spend time with mutual friends, ask him questions, be open and share about your own life as you would with any friend.There is a Garth Brooks song that goes, "Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayer." While I do not agree with the overall thoughts in this song, I often think about that one little phrase as it relates to God's providence in my life regarding relationships.There were many ardent prayers I prayed as a single woman, and now I am so thankful God did not answer the way I asked.

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Even the most confident of men may struggle with being nervous around the girl they are dating because regardless how smart a man is, it can be difficult for him to understand the rich complexities of a woman that are so different from himself.When I was in college, I thought that I knew who "the one" was for me. Even if you are trusting the Lord, sometimes it can be difficult to discern your own feelings versus God's will.Something can feel right, but the Lord can completely close that door.Afraid of "pursuing him," I had ended the email without expressing any sort of interest in him or opening any avenue for him to respond. I quickly typed up a follow-up email asking him a little bit more about what and how he was doing. It was not until later that he told me, "If you had never sent the follow-up email, I would have never written back.When I read your first email, I thought you weren't interested in getting to know me." While a guy is called to be the pursuer in a relationship, a young woman is not just to sit back and do nothing.

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