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The gallery of the ladies is kept up-to-date, so as soon as a woman becomes unavailable – her profile is removed.

There are new Ukrainian girls who join the agency all the time, the most recent members can be found in the “New Ladies” section of our web site.

Email intimations will tell you when the receiver checks the ecard from our website.

The interface of our website and the delivery system is checked to perform without a hitch.

This gives you a date by date countdown of the major global events of the year.

Click on them and you will uncover an assortment of ecards to celebrate that particular event!

We only have 1 office in Ukraine, it’s located in the city called Kharkov (can also be spelled as Kharkiv) and each Ukrainian girl who wants to join the agency has to personally come to our office for an interview.

“Mordinson” Ukrainian marriage agency doesn’t accept email or phone applications because we want to personally meet every woman and make sure she is interested in serious relationship and is open to the idea of moving abroad should she meet the right man in the agency.

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We are very easy to reach by email or phone, if you have a question – don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! Alina and Thomas met in the Mordinson marriage agency in September 2014 and then got married (click here to read the testimonial Thomas wrote in 2014: Ukrainian Dating Blog interviews a Couple who Met in the Mordinson agency, 5th January 2017Dear friends, Do you feel your Ukrainian dating adventure has lost its way?

We have a wide spectrum of moments covered through our free ecards and online greetings.

Right from the birthday of someone really close to you to the promotion of a co-worker, we cover every heartbeat of your life.

Hi has received kudos from ecard senders across the globe.

You will get an integrated events calendar on our website.

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