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Sakamoto’s moving 2014 family memoir focuses on two of his grandparents—Mitsue Sakamoto, his father’s mother, and Ralph Mac Lean, his mother’s father—who suffered terribly during the Second World War. Like many Japanese-Canadians, she didn’t talk very much about her experiences during those injurious years. And you know, I laughed at the time, 2012, not at my grandmother but at the notion that kind of ugly nationalism, of state-sponsored racist policies, could find a renewal in my lifetime. There are always forks in the road, and we decide which fork we take.

As it always does, hate came wrapped in the flag, the oldest trick in the book. She had used forgiveness personally to really cleanse her heart and move away from those years to a more positive and hopeful future.

I’m glad she did because I was a part of that future. He’s 94, living in Calgary at the Chartwell Colonel Belcher home for veterans, one of only 12 Hong Kong vets still alive, and sharp as a tack.

It was as bad as you can get—and her only crime was her ethnicity.

She was a Canadian citizen, and her own government in the name of national security did this to her.

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