Golfdatingservice com

I responded to many messages left by women that were false. Agree w the reviews this a poorly run company at best.

GOLFMATES WOULD NOT REFUND ANY MONEY, I THINK THEM TOO ARE PART OF THE SCAM. I've received more fake profiles from Africa than responses from real golfing women in America. Nothing good about this site except the concept - I golf and it seemed like a great way to meet a potential mate. I recently signed up (Nov 16) but found every time I subsequently went online the website was down. When I called they would not cancel as their site was down and they could not access the account information. she had deleted her information and pic and they were still using it and sent me a message saying it was her. Sent multiple problem submissions and never got a response from tech support so far and it has been 3 weeks. Technical issues making the site unusable most of the 3-4 weeks I was on it, men showing up in my profiles (I only want females), every age and race hitting my searches (50-60 year old white females, please), never heard back from those I expressed interest in (I am a reasonable catch and makes me suspect there is nobody there), suspected prostitutes showing great interest in me, very terse customer support letting me know there would definitely be no refunds. My first email I got was a pic of my co-worker who had tried this site out a realized it was a fake...Sounds like they did me a favor when they cancelled my membership because they could not automatically charge my card.I wouldn't give them the one star if I had a choice.

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