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The holy grail for many here will be the sacristy of guitars — some hand painted during spells in jail, some with snapped necks, others still strummed by the boys to this day.

To think these very inanimate objects have made you shuffle awkwardly on a dance floor or do an impromptu headbanging session on the way to work is more than a little humbling.

It's as if Mick and Keef have extended a grubby paw apiece, and pulled us into their seedy world: welcome to Edith Grove, circa 1962.

Someone's formed a modest-sized hill out of smoked cigarettes on their bedside table.

Every Wednesday throughout August, the London Edition is presenting its inaugural Songs From Above series which will see a beautifully curated selection of musical performances grace the mezzanine overlooking the hotel's Lobby Bar.

The House Gospel Choir will be serving up covers of Disclosure and Labrinth on the 17th and contemporary Billie Holiday ALA.

Forego obnoxious tweens and an offensive bill at the local Odeon and instead head down to the House of Vans at Waterloo for an altogether more intimate and, indeed, stylish movie date.

The late summer line-up includes includes iconic style flicks Dazed and Confused and Pulp Fiction but as no 'Most stylish film...' list would ever be complete without Anthony Minghella's The Talented Mr. And it's no more on-trend than it is right now, with Cuban Collars and resort shirts a-plenty on the catwalks and sidewalks alike this summer. More kitty money for the Italian sojourn, she'll be insisting you whisk her away on.

I think I bumped it accidentally and it went from a view of the heavens and straight into a view of my temporary neighbor’s bedroom. About 6″ dark hair, dark eyes and very obviously took good care of himself.Things admittedly get a bit Spinal Tap with some of the later concepts — take Jagger's plan for a million dollar cantilevered walkway for the Bridges to Babylon tour.Whether or not you think that kind of thing is grandiloquence with an extra topping of cheese, you have to admire the sheer ambition of it.Named after neighbour Lord Nelson (AKA the first Duke of Bronte) there are nods to his naval career throughout with with collected treasures, lots of Dixon's signature gold, deep leather booths and a pewter bar.It's light, it's opulent and the imposing Trafalgar Square terrace backdrop makes for quite the romantic digestif spot.

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