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But today, the 29-year-old actress is dressed for lunch at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills in a form-fitting camisole, brown tailored pants, and giant hoop earrings, her trademark waves blown out sleek.But just as you're struggling to reconcile this sophisticated creature with the down-and- dirty fugitive she plays on TV, she busts out with, "Are we drinking today?Because I could really use a drink." And then the fun begins.To have lunch with Evangeline is to be entertained.

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The good that I have been able to do has been worth the sacrifice. It's my day job." The Reluctant Celebrity Ardent Lost fans have tried to unlock the mysteries of the show's wacky plot lines, but Evangeline couldn't care less. " As for whether her character ends up with Jack (the sexy doctor played by Matthew Fox) or Sawyer (the sexy con man played by Josh Holloway)—the subject of endless speculation on the Internet—Evangeline says, "I'm not invested one way or the other. If they initially thought her anti- Hollywood stance was a calculated maneuver in playing hard to get, they have been forced to reconsider.But it was her time as a counselor that resonated strongest.Before attending the University of British Columbia as an international relations major, she spent three weeks in the Philippines with a Christian missionary group and decided to make a career out of it. A dramatic Gilligan's Island.' Turns out it was fucking brilliant." Considering the show's fervent fan base and critical acclaim, that's a dead-on description.They're completely fictional, so you don't know them. She wrote a script, The Fortress, which she hopes to sell after Lost finishes its sixth and final season next year.Also on her to-do list: continuing her humanitarian work and becoming a mother.

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