Dating in korean men

That being said, the first draft I did last week was a little dry and needed a little more tweeking… ^^ (although let’s be honest – ATK Magazine’s opinion is pretty much mine or rather vice versa).

But I realized there was no way, even in a research article to totally take my opinion out of it.

All your help was greatly appreciated and helped give a more complete picture for our readers.

You might notice that I didn’t bother my female friends with questions.

I argued that it might be true for a small sub-set of younger fans.

But most people realize that Korean dramas are real and that most people don’t look/act like celebrities (in any country/culture).

It’s one thing to find someone attractive and another thing to actually date them.

But as you can see, the answers are similar enough to be reassuring that the majority of those who might find a Korean guy attractive, would actually date him if given the chance.

Many of my guy friends didn’t think that hallyu was having much effect on dating (for a variety of reasons) but when pressed, admitted that they had noticed a difference. We’ll give you the results in chart form so you can get the overall picture and then we’ll discuss some of the additional survey answers, observations from my friends and from the email response.

Okay, I know this seems like a silly questions but it actually came from a conversation/debate I had with a Korean-Canadian guy friend about this very topic.

He was trying to convince me that “Western” girls only liked their idealized hallyu version of Korean guys and Korean-Canadians/Korean-Americans didn’t fit that mold, and so they didn’t like them.

Okay so it took a bit longer to amalgamate all the research and put it together into a (hopefully) fun-to-read format because come on, who wants to read a boring research article on dating.

Luckily, the topic of dating is generally a fun one to write about.

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