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But when 25-year-old Jessica Sporty spoke honestly about her brief but calculated plan to date men of means while living in New York, her confession sparked outrage online.Business, the website that featured the interview with Sporty last week, eventually disabled the article's comment section, but angry readers continued to vent on other websites that had picked up the story.When a guy contacts her -- and she said she receives several messages a day -- "no matter how interested I am, I always respond with a sentence or two that speaks to our common interest and another sentence that's super sassy with a wink at the end, and that's it."And when it comes to one's profile, specific is always best, she said."It's like writing an admission essay."She doesn't go on more than three dates with the same guy, warding off physical advances by telling her suitors she doesn't like handholding on the first or second date.Then she tell them she's open to that -- "once I really trust someone.""They think, 'As long as I get past the first date part, there's this plethora of affection,'" she said.To plan your trip and to take advantage of promotional rates, visit Amtrak San or call 1-800-USA-RAIL.

Her other friends who date online often split the bill, Cindy said, but that's because they don't create an aurora of mystery.

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It's a stereotype as old as dating itself: women seeking guys for material gain, and guys seeking women for their beauty.

"Sporty said she joined while she was living in New York two years ago, and she soon discovered there were a lot of well-to-do guys in Manhattan who were interested in her online profile.

So for a little more than a month she became a serial dater.

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