Dating dynamics inc and warsaw

Today, his company Berkshire Hathaway is one of the top holders of stock in the big four carriers—United Continental, Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines and American Airlines.

This week I had the pleasure to attend Consensus 2018 in New York, the premiere gathering for the who’s who in blockchain, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

IBM just helped launch a diamond and jewelry blockchain consortium, Trust Chain, that will track and authenticate diamonds, metals and jewelry from all over the world.

And sometime this year, the Democratic Republic of Congo will begin tracking cobalt supply from mines to ensure children were not involved.

Passersby also stopped and stared at the “bankers against bitcoin” protest, conceived and funded by Genesis Mining, one of the largest bitcoin mining companies.

(You can read my interview with Genesis cofounder and CEO Marco Streng here.) The same money went to finance bitcoin awareness billboards outside the Omaha office of Warren Buffett, who recently bashed the cryptocurrency, calling it “rat poison squared.” “Warren,” the billboards read, “you said you were wrong about Google and Amazon. ” That Buffett has a negative opinion of bitcoin shouldn’t surprise anyone.

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