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Since originally posting this recipe back in 2012, it has gone on to become the second most read recipe on the site bested only by broccoli salad.

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When people find out my mom was Amish, they often say, “So you’re Amish? Where some extreme groups ban colors and belts from their wardrobe, others are down with cell-phone hip clips and baseball caps. But the Amish guys used to roll up their overall cuffs and play lake-beach volleyball on Fridays, and all the English chicks would come scope them out (i.e., my cousins and sisters).

At a family reunion I saw the most competitive horseshoe game of my life, during which I bore witness to a ~60-year-old Amish guy freaking out like Macho Man Randy Savage after getting a ringer on his first-ever toss.

One of the more rewarding letters came about 10 years ago from a woman in Ohio who was expressing her appreciation for The Amish Cook column over the years, in particular the original Amish Cook’s meatloaf recipe.

You know how people call anyone who speaks Spanish a “Spanish person?If you had 8 kids and no electricity, I guess yours would, too.My grandpa once described his ex-community as not disallowing modernity but staying perpetually 100 years behind it.It was equal parts frightening and comforting, yet almost intrusive on my part, like stumbling upon a majestic primate giving birth in a forest.Though they’re fundamentally similar, Mennonites and Amish aren’t the same thing.

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