Christian german dating

The character has an international following and was praised for being one half of the same-sex pairing with Oliver Sabel.

In 2011, the fictional couple got voted 'Most Beautiful Couple' at the 1st German Soap Awards.

While Christian served his father's sentence, his father died and it is revealed he was "in handcuffs" while visiting his father's grave.

After being released, Christian moved to Düsseldorf with Gregor.

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To Christian and Oliver's surprise, the friends who discovered their relationship are fine with it and promise to keep it a secret. He fires his first manager, a homophobic man, and hires Gregor, who turns out to be supportive when he discovers Christian in bed with Oliver, but he has to keep his relationship with Oliver hidden due to homophobia in the boxing scene, even though he wishes to come out no longer ashamed of his sexuality.

During his childhood he had to cope with his mother's suicide and his father's gambling addiction.

He was convicted when he took the blame for a crime committed by his father, Wolfgang (Jürgen Haug), knowing his father wouldn't be able to endure prison with a weak heart.

He goes to prison again because of being falsely accused for assaulting Nico's boss.

He starts dating Nico von Lahnstein (Verena Zimmermann), but breaks up with her and starts a relationship with Coco Faber (Mariangela Scelsi), when he discovers Nico made Coco write love letters to him and sign them as Nico, during the time he was in prison.

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