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First and foremost on the Easter Peace Marches, which took place for the first time in 1958 and have since become traditional.

Good Friday and Easter Monday depend on Easter Sunday, which falls on the 1st Sunday after a full Moon on or after March 21st.

December 26th is called Boxing day because traditionally it was the day for people still give a “Christmas box” to the postman and milkman, but it’s usually some money.

This is the day when one visits friends, goes for a drive or a long walk or just sits around recovering from eating too much food.

Now for most people they are simply days on which people eat, drink and make merry.

On Christmas Eve offices and public buildings close at one o’clock, but the shops stay open late. The children are decorating the tree, housewives are busy in the kitchen getting things ready for the next day’s dinner.

Most big cities, especially London, are decorated with Christmas trees and colored lights across the streets. The Christmas food, nowadays usually turkey, is being prepared and stuffed.

The chief Christmas tree is usually placed on Trafalgar Square, in front of the national Gallery, and it has become a tradition that the tree is a present from the people of Oslo.

May Day which is not a bank holiday, is a celebration of the coming of spring. Usually May Queen, the most beautiful girl of the celebration, is selected.

Spring Bank Holiday falls on the last Monday in May.

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