Best dating audio books

They'll be in m4b format, compatible with i Tunes and VLC media players. Christine wrote: "I\'m looking for Beta-listeners for the audible version that I\'m producing of my novel, Irish Firebrands.

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The site compiles content from around the web and has an admirable collection of audiobooks — primarily classics — that you can stream over the internet or download in a variety of audio formats for later consumption.

The audiobooks are organized by genre (fiction and literature, nonfiction and poetry) and alphabetically listed by the author’s last name.

Project Gutenberg houses one of the largest and oldest collections of audiobooks on the Web.

The site’s audiobooks project — a collaboration with fellow pioneers Libri Vox and Audio Books For Free — breaks down its extensive collection of books by human and computer-generated narration.

As a general rule we do not censor any content on the site.They also often serve as a great way to pass time, whether you’re cooking up your favorite dish or out for a long drive.While audiobooks may lack the feel and sweet smell of a traditional book, a well-done voiceover can do more than make up for the loss of aesthetics.From the night the Irishman discovers the American at Drumcarroll, their tangent lives catalyze the chemistry between their beleaguered bodies and stormy spirits. A quest for deliverance - and evocative evidence that love is eternal....Dillon grapples with a lifetime of losses: driven by compulsion and caught in the toils of transference, he pursues Lana with the tenacity of an investigative reporter. Set amid the social controversies of 21st-century Ireland, Irish Firebrands portrays psychological crises that can shatter the bedrock of beliefs and belonging.

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