Be2 online dating complaints

HERE COMES THE NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ever since then, b2 has been reacting as a super professional worldwide dating chain company(compare to their reluctance of writing back to me on how to cancel my membership, I wrote them many emails but didn;t get any email back, they have no customer service phone number either).I received this wanrning email said I have till what date to pay my outstanding amount with b2.wai I too have sent many email explaining that I didn't ask for this service. They said I had to sign & return the form to cancel Premium Membership of I would be charged again. Then an email saying that as they couldn't get payment from me they were going to add it to my next payment & it would keep mounting up unless I pay it.

I then decided to cancel, as it seemed a very poor site, but could find no way to cancel. I have instructed my bank to make no further payments to them. I too joined up to this site and was so disappointed that a week after the 30 day £5 trial has started I cancelled.

Since joining BE2, i have been swarmed by scammers. I am afraid BE2 may use my profile to interact and scam other genuine BE2 members.

I have since lodged a police report and terminated my credit card.

I think many of you have heart b2, it;s so far the biggest mistake I have ever made with online dating site.

I paid 5 CDN for a first month tryout, then I found this site is a crap so I stopped using it.

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