Adult meeting place

Fundamental right Every one of us has a right to our life.It is not given to us by the Constitution of Ireland or by any law.Over 10 years we developed a family of sponsored non-selective community academy schools and colleges that have a strong focus on developing enterprise skills and on rapidly improving the quality of education on offer in order to transform the life-chances of young people.In September 2016 we established Aldridge Education as a multi-academy trust which is now responsible for the performance of the schools.

And, so the World Meeting of Families was established and to date it has been hosted in Rome, Rio de Janeiro, Milan, Valencia, Mexico City and Philadelphia.

We have it 'as of right', whether we are wealthy or poor, healthy or sick. For us as a society to now declare that any category of human being should have that right taken from them would be a shocking step.

It effectively says that unborn children do not exist or, if they do, they do not count. Life begins at conception At every point, from conception on, the baby has the potential to realise the fullness of life that God intended. Today we see more clearly that human life begins at conception.

We are a charity that is guided by the belief that young people are central to regenerating communities.

By equipping the next generation for the challenges it faces tomorrow, we can start to increase life chances and support economic growth.

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