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More than 8 out of 10 people surveyed online admitted to sexting in the prior year, according to a new study from Drexel University’s Women’s Health Psychology Lab.

Nearly 75 percent said they sexted in the context of a committed relationship and 43 percent said they sexted as part of a casual relationship.Next on the list, is a package that includes a field and deer barrel kit for young shooters who want to dive into everything hunting has to offer.The Bantam has an EZ- Reach forearm that allows for easier and smoother cycling. This compact pump-action shotgun comes with three Invenctor-Plus choke tubes and Inflex Technology.This rifle is accurate and comes in an array of caliber sizes.The composite rifle comes in .22-250, .223, .243, .308, 7mm-08 offering plenty of decision making power.

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